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Why Women Decide to Have Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty Phoenix

For a Younger-Looking Vagina

Labiaplasty is foremost a cosmetic procedure. Some women are displeased that their vaginas no longer look as taut and youthful. Labia tissue can stretch due to the aging process or childbirth. By removing some of the surplus tissue, women can reattain an aesthetic that looks more like the vagina they had in their 20s.

For Improved Urination

Doctors sometimes suggest labiaplasty to patients who find urinating challenging or uncomfortable. In more extreme circumstances, large labia can even obstruct the urine stream. Additionally, enlarged labia can inadvertently catch more urine, discharge and sweat, which increases a woman’s likelihood of developing a urinary tract infection. After having labiaplasty, many women notice a reduction in UTIs.

For Better Sexual Pleasure

Some women find that their labia impede their ability to have good sex. Friction against this tissue may cause discomfort or even pain, which can detract from the more pleasurable elements of sexual activity. After removing some of this extra tissue, labiaplasty should make it easier to reach the clitoris so that women are more likely to reach orgasm.

Let’s also not overlook the mental component of sexual pleasure. When a woman is self-conscious about the appearance of her labia, she may not feel as sexy. Labiaplasty can help her relax and feel more comfortable having sex with a partner.

For Wearing Tight Clothing Without the Embarrassment

Women with larger labia often complain about having a visible bulge when they wear tight attire like yoga pants, leggings or bathing suits. While wearing looser clothing is always an option, that is not the standard female attire at the gym or the pool. With labiaplasty, women can reintroduce tighter clothing into their wardrobe without drawing unwanted attention to their labia.

Learn More About Vaginal Rejuvenation

Ultimately, your reasons for having labiaplasty are personal and do not need to be justified. Dr. Valladolid is a board-certified plastic surgeon who treats his patients with respect. Throughout his career, he has achieved safe, attractive results for his labiaplasty patients. To decide whether labiaplasty is a good choice for you, please call (480) 770-5015 to schedule a consultation.

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