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Migraine Surgery

Don’t let debilitating migraines stand between you and the quality of life you deserve. Contact Dr. Valladolid to learn about your treatment options.
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Migraine Surgery & Headache Treatment in Scottsdale, AZ

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Migraine Surgery in Scottsdale

Migraine surgery is intended to reduce the frequency, duration and pain of migraines using decompression techniques. Some migraines are associated with the compression and irritation of nerves in the head or neck, and releasing these compression points can reduce the severity of migraines or stop migraines altogether.

For someone who has experienced debilitating migraines for many years, despite taking numerous medications and seeking the expertise of multiple specialists, migraine surgery with Dr. Genaro Valladolid can be life changing. When successful, migraine surgery can have a dramatic effect on quality of life. It can improve a person’s everyday functioning and ability to cope with pain.

Dr. Valladolid’s Migraine Surgery Experience

It can be challenging to find an experienced migraine surgery provider in Scottsdale and Mesa. But for individuals seeking migraine surgery, Dr. Valladolid has the experience and knowledge to give them the results they deserve. Dr. Valladolid is a plastic surgeon who has extensive training and has performed numerous migraine surgeries. He understands how incapacitating frequent migraines can be, and is dedicated to helping his patients experience a reduction or resolution of their headaches.

Candidates for Migraine Surgery

Candidates for migraine surgery are individuals who have been diagnosed with migraines by a neurologist and not responded to other treatment modalities (e.g., medication or behavioral modifications). Candidates should have a positive outlook and reasonable expectations of surgery — in other words, they should expect a reduction in migraine frequency and duration, not necessarily a complete cure.

Treatment Details

Migraine surgery is performed on an outpatient basis with anesthesia. The incision location depends on the location of the trigger point part of the head that is at fault for the patient’s migraines. Prior to surgery, the trigger point or points are identified using trigger point confirmation techniques.

Headache Treatment in Mesa, AZ

The most common trigger sites are the:

  • frontal trigger site – causes pain above the eyes and/or the forehead
  • temporal trigger site – causes pain over the temples
  • rhinogenic – causes pain inside the nose that may be perceived behind the eyes
  • occipital – causes pain on the back of the head that may radiate across the skull to the eyes or behind the eyes

The incision for the frontal trigger site is created in the hairline above the forehead or in the upper eyelid crease. The incision at the temporal trigger site is made in the hair-bearing part of the temples. The incision for the occipital trigger site is made vertically along the middle of the scalp or horizontally along the back of the scalp. The incision for the rhinogenic trigger site can vary based on the individual case.

Through the incisions, Dr. Valladolid removes the pressure on the trigger sites that causes migraines.

Recovering from Migraine Surgery

After surgery, swelling and mild to moderate discomfort are common. Prescription medication can be taken to alleviate pain related to surgery.

Most patients are able to return to work approximately one week after surgery. Strenuous activity or exercise is permitted four to six weeks after surgery.

Some patients see a reduction in migraine frequency, duration or pain immediately after surgery; for others, it takes several months to see results.

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