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Fat Grafting to the Breasts

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Fat Grafting to the Breasts in Scottsdale, AZ

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Fat Grafting to the Breasts in Scottsdale

As a leading plastic surgeon serving Scottsdale, Mesa and the surrounding areas, Dr. Genaro Valladolid believes in offering safe, innovative treatment solutions to meet his patients’ needs. A groundbreaking development in the area of breast enhancement is fat transfer breast augmentation. This process uses the patient’s own fat to add volume and shape to the breasts.

Fat transfer, otherwise known as fat grafting, has other applications in plastic surgery. It is an excellent way to augment the size of the buttocks (in the Brazilian Butt Lift), and it can also be used to rejuvenate an aging face with outstanding results.

When added to the breasts, the transplanted fat is virtually indistinguishable from natural breast tissue. The breasts look, feel and move very naturally after fat transfer. There is no risk of implant-related complications such as leaking, rupture or capsular contracture. Furthermore, the “donor” area looks slimmer and more contoured after fat transfer.

Choosing a Surgeon for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

The first important decision any breast augmentation candidate makes is her choice of surgeon. Since fat transfer breast augmentation is a newer procedure (compared to traditional augmentation with implants), patients want the assurance that their surgeon is highly qualified and experienced.

As a well-rounded plastic surgeon, Dr. Valladolid has a deep understanding of a woman’s anatomy and how to create pleasing contours for a natural appearance. He has performed many fat transfer procedures and consistently achieves gorgeous results.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Fat Grafting to the Breasts?

Women who want a natural alternative to breast augmentation may be well suited to fat grafting to the breasts. Candidates should be in good health, desire a modest boost in breast size and have adequate “donor” fat to transplant to the breasts.

Treatment Details

Fat grafting to the breasts involves three steps.

First, Dr. Valladolid harvests the unwanted fat from an area where it naturally accumulates. For many women, this is usually the abdomen, thighs or hips. Dr. Valladolid uses liposuction techniques to precisely extract the unwanted fat that will later be used to augment the breasts.

Fat Grafting to the Breasts in Mesa, AZ

Next, he purifies the fat, separating it from unwanted fluid and ensuring the healthy fat is properly prepped for injection.

Finally, Dr. Valladolid injects the fat into the breasts. The amount of fat and number of injections largely depends on the patient’s unique anatomy and treatment goals. Dr. Valladolid works carefully to ensure the transferred fat thrives in its new location and provides long-lasting results.

Recovery from Fat Grafting to the Breasts

Patients usually have mild swelling and/or bruising of the breasts and donor area, and minimal discomfort. Over-the-counter pain medication can help to alleviate any pain or discomfort.

Most patients can resume work and other moderate activities within a few days of the procedure. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise is not permitted for several weeks after fat transfer.

Why Some Patients Prefer Fat Grafting to Breast Implants

Breast Fat Grafting in MesaFor many women, the decision to use their own fat to augment their breasts is born from a desire to stay as “natural” as possible. Transplanted fat cells look, feel, and move like other fat — traits that even the best synthetic implants cannot match.

Other women are simply attempting to avoid additional surgery in the future. Breast implants are typically removed and replaced (or simply removed) every 10 to 20 years, whereas transferred fat can safely remain for the rest of the patient’s life.

Patients also enjoy having the excuse to have liposuction performed on a “problem” area elsewhere on the body. Women who have always wished they could move some fat from their hips or thighs to their breasts can literally achieve that with this cosmetic plan. Moreover, removing volume from other areas of the body can improve the body’s proportions and make the breasts look even bigger by comparison.

Results from Fat Transfer to the Breasts

Although not all fat cells survive the transfer process, most do. The body recognizes its own fat cells and adopts them in their new location. After several months, women can see the full results of surgery. These results are long lasting and can be enjoyed indefinitely. The best way patients can ensure that their breasts remain this size is by maintaining a steady weight. Losing weight leads to fat loss throughout the body, including the breasts.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting FAQs

Who is not a good candidate for fat transfer to the breasts?

Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting in ScottsdaleSome women do not have enough excess body fat to transfer to the breasts. Fortunately, they can still achieve an augmented breast profile with implants. Other women who want very large breasts may also be better served by breast implants since fat transfer is more appropriate when the patient wants to increase their breasts by one or two cup sizes.

Will fat grafting help to elevate my breasts for a more youthful presentation?

Fat transfer increases the volume of the breasts but does not lift them. Some women who are worried about breast sagging may choose to combine breast lift with breast augmentation to best fulfill their cosmetic goals.

Where is fat harvested from for breast augmentation?

Fat must be taken from the patient’s own body. Most often, fat cells are taken from areas where fat is in surplus like the abdomen, thighs, hips, and back. This also helps to exaggerate the body’s contours for an hourglass figure. However, fat cells can be harvested from almost anywhere that Dr. Valladolid performs liposuction, which includes the neck, knees, and upper arms.

Why do patients choose Dr. Valladolid for this procedure?

Dr. Valladolid is a board-certified plastic surgeon with top academic honors who specializes in breast procedures. He understands that molding attractive contours in the areas where fat is harvested from is just as important as how the fat is implanted to maintain a beautiful body all over. His patients are always thrilled with how natural their fat grafting to the breasts results appear to be.

Learn More about Fat Transfer to the Breasts

For more information about fat grafting to the breasts, please request a consultation with Dr. Valladolid today. Contact one of his offices, in Scottsdale or Mesa, by calling (480) 770-5015 today.