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Lip Enhancement

Don’t let thin, shapeless lips get you down. Contact Dr. Valladolid today to learn about how he can help you achieve the enhancement you’re looking for.
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Lip Enhancement & Augmentation in Scottsdale, AZ

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Lip Enhancement in Scottsdale

Full, plump lips convey a sense of youthfulness and sensuality. But with age, the lips can lose their luster, becoming thinner and less shapely. Advancing age can also cause wrinkles to appear around the edge of the lips.

Lip enhancement with Dr. Genaro Valladolid helps people unhappy with the shape or size of their lips reclaim fuller, natural-looking lips and a more attractive facial appearance.

Dr. Valladolid’s Lip Enhancement Expertise

Moderation is key in lip enhancement. Overfilling the lips or ignoring the principles of proportion and symmetry can lead to artificial, lumpy or lopsided results. As a gifted artist, Dr. Valladolid understands how to make subtle changes to the lips to enhance their shape and beauty. He is highly skilled in multiple techniques so he is able to offer patients options and choices.

The first step toward plumper, more beautiful lips is an in-person consultation with Dr. Valladolid. During this discussion, a physical assessment and a discussion of goals and expectations takes place. Then, Dr. Valladolid develops a comprehensive treatment plan designed to meet those goals.

Treatment Options

There are a few different ways to augment thin or shapeless lips.

Dermal fillers
The first option is to inject hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers into the lips. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that helps to increase volume and hydrate the skin.

Fillers can be administered during a quick in-office procedure. Prior to the injections, the lips are numbed with local anesthesia or numbing cream. Dr. Valladolid marks the injection sites of the lips and injects small amounts of filler through very thin needles incrementally until he reaches the desired volume and plumpness. The amount of filler used can vary by patient depending on the natural lip volume and treatment goals.

Lip Augmentation in Mesa, AZ

After filler treatment, the lips may be slightly bruised and swollen. These aftereffects are temporary and should subside quickly. There is virtually no downtime after lip filler treatment and no scarring.

Results from lip fillers can be seen very quickly, and last approximately six months. Repeat injections are required to maintain the effects of lip filler treatment.

Fat transfer
Another approach to lip enhancement is to use the fat transfer technique. Fat is taken from another area of the body, such as the abdomen or thighs, and transferred to the lips to add shape and definition. Fat transfer is a more involved process than filler treatment and requires a few days of downtime. However, the results of fat transfer are longer lasting and the lips look and feel very soft. There is minimal scarring at the tiny entrance sites for the injection and harvesting cannulas.

The last option for lip enhancement is to place an artificial implant to add fullness. Implants come in different sizes. Dr. Valladolid creates small incisions in either corner of the mouth and uses special instruments to insert and position the implant. The results of lip enhancement with an implant are permanent.

Discuss Your Options with Dr. Valladolid

If you are interested in plumper, younger-looking lips, Dr. Valladolid can help. Call (480) 770-5015 to reach our Scottsdale or Mesa offices and schedule a consultation with the doctor to find the right fit for you.