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Transmasculine Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ

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Transmasculine Surgery in Scottsdale

Transmasculine surgery is a set of gender confirmation procedures that reconstructs female anatomy into anatomy that appears more masculine. For transgender men, this type of surgery helps their appearance better reflect their gender identity. Surgery provides patients with an opportunity to feel comfortable and confident in the way they look.

The best way to ensure patients receive the care they deserve is to work with an experienced, respected plastic surgeon like Dr. Genaro Valladolid. He has the training and expertise needed to deliver safe, successful results; he is also very knowledgeable about working with the transgender community and tailoring his approach to the outcomes that each unique patient desires.

Chest Surgery

Chest surgery, also known as “top surgery,” provides patients with the masculine looking chest they were meant to have, by removing the breast tissue from both breasts.

Every chest surgery procedure is uniquely customized to the patient’s individual anatomy. Patients with small amounts of breast tissue and excess skin require a surgical approach different from that required for patients with greater amounts of breast tissue and excess skin.

In patients with very small breasts, liposuction can help remove tissue and create a flatter, firmer-looking chest. This is usually combined with a keyhole-shaped incision that is made around the bottom border of the areola (i.e., the pigmented skin surrounding the nipple) to remove underlying glandular tissue.

Transmasculine Surgery in Mesa, AZ

In patients with moderately sized breasts and good skin elasticity, a periareolar incision is created around the border of the areola. Then, an elliptical incision is made to excise the unwanted breast tissue and skin. The nipple-areolar complex is preserved with a pedicle and it can be reduced in size.

For patients with medium to large sized breasts and poor skin elasticity, a double incision mastectomy may be recommended. A horizontal incision is created at the top of the chest muscle and another is made at the bottom of the chest muscle. The skin is pulled back and the breast tissue and skin are removed; then, the incisions are joined to create one scar. The nipple-areolar complex is removed, reduced in size (if necessary) and repositioned higher on the chest as a free nipple graft.

During the initial surgical consultation, Dr. Valladolid evaluates the breasts, carefully measuring their size and shape and noting other qualities like the firmness of the skin and the placement of the nipples and areolas. Then, he explains the available options and recommends the most suitable course of treatment. No matter what technique is used, Dr. Valladolid strives to exceed his patients’ expectations in every case.

Chest Contouring

Chest contouring is an optional procedure to further sculpt and improve the shape of the chest after top surgery to achieve the ideal athletic, defined form. Depending on the patient’s anatomy and goals, this process may involve liposuction to alter the composition of fat distribution in the upper half of the body.

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