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Cost range $7,000 - $9,000 Recovery 2 – 6 weeks
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Breast Reduction in Scottsdale, AZ

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Breast Reduction in Scottsdale

Some of Dr. Genaro Valladolid’s happiest patients are his breast reduction patients. Breast reduction not only enhances the appearance of oversized breasts, it also provides much-needed relief from the physical and psychological symptoms associated with large, heavy breasts.

Reducing the size and weight of oversized breasts alleviates related back, neck and shoulder pain. It helps women wear clothing they couldn’t previously wear, and enjoy activities that they previously avoided because of their breast size. Breast reduction also brings emotional relief to women who feel embarrassed, self-conscious or ashamed of their large, pendulous breasts.

A Compassionate Approach to Breast Surgery

Dr. Valladolid is widely admired for his ability to create exquisite results that patients love. He is also respected for his approach to patient care. He understands that breast reduction can be a sensitive and delicate subject for patients, and he approaches every case with the compassion and warmth that it requires.

Dr. Valladolid strives to understand the effect that oversized breasts have on his patients’ lives, and he constructs treatment plans that are personalized to every woman’s individual needs. There is no “perfect” breast size — each patient has her own idea of what looks good and what will work best for her body.

Breast Reduction Candidates

Breast reduction is an excellent option for women who are unhappy with oversized, heavy or pendulous breasts. Most candidates experience chronic pain or discomfort related to the size and weight of their breasts. Many describe feeling self-conscious of their breasts and the unwanted attention their breasts garner.

Breast Reduction Procedural Details

The approach Dr. Valladolid uses depends on the patient’s unique anatomy. The standard approach to breast reduction is to create incisions on the breast and remove excess fat, glandular tissue and skin. The incisions may be made in one of the following configurations:

  1. around the edge of the areola
  2. around the areola, running down the front of the breast
  3. around the areola, running down the front of the breast and horizontally along the breast crease

Breast Reduction Surgery in Mesa, AZ
The remaining breast tissue is lifted and shaped higher on the chest wall to create a more youthful and appealing breast appearance. The nipple-areolar complex is relocated to a higher position on the breast, and oversized areolas can be reduced if desired.

Some patients have large breasts due to fatty tissue and do not have excess skin. In these cases, liposuction alone may be used to reduce the size of the breasts (no skin is excised).

After the surgical modifications have been made, sutures are layered in the breast tissue to support the new shape of the breasts.

Recovering from Breast Reduction

Breast reduction patients typically have mild to moderate swelling, bruising and soreness after surgery. Pain medication can be taken to alleviate any discomfort. Wearing a compression garment around the breasts minimizes swelling and helps the breast tissues conform to their new contours.

Often patients are able to resume work one to two weeks after surgery. Light exercise is permitted as soon as the patient feels ready, and more strenuous exercise can be resumed approximately six weeks after surgery. Patients are encouraged to avoid bras with underwire for about two months as the breasts heal.

Breast Reduction FAQs

Will health insurance cover my breast reduction?

Breast Reduction PhoenixWhen breast reduction is performed for primarily cosmetic reasons, health insurance does not cover the surgery. However, some patients are successful in having their surgery covered (at least in part) by insurance because of a history of back, neck and shoulder pain that is attributed to the size of their breasts. Your best bet for having your insurance company approve your surgery is to have the chronic pain you experience well documented by your physician in your personal medical record.

How long should I wait to have breast reduction surgery?

Dr. Valladolid suggests waiting until at least age 18 to schedule breast reduction surgery. In addition to ensuring that the patient is emotionally mature enough to undergo this surgery, by this age almost all women have completed puberty, meaning that their breasts have finished developing.

Beyond age, another factor women should consider is motherhood. Although breast reduction does not impact a woman’s ability to become pregnant, the surgery can make breastfeeding more of a challenge for some women. Accordingly, women who wish to nurse one day may decide to postpone this surgery until completing their family.

What happens to the nipples during breast reduction?

Dr. Valladolid consults with his patients ahead of the surgery to determine the best plan for the nipples and areolas. Sometimes, the nipples do not require any adjustment to look attractive and proportional to the new size of the breasts. In other cases, Dr. Valladolid may reposition the nipples so that they are located more centrally on the breast to achieve a more natural and youthful appearance. Patients who would like to alter the symmetry, shape or size of their areolas should mention this to Dr. Valladolid so he can try to accommodate these preferences.

Can I combine breast reduction with another surgical procedure?

Breast Reduction Surgery Mesa AZDr. Valladolid frequently pairs breast reduction with other plastic surgeries. Some of the more common complementary procedures requested by patients include liposuction, tummy tuck and thigh lift so that the proportions of areas of the body are more harmonious with the new size of the breasts. However, it is not necessary to combine breast lift with breast reduction since Dr. Valladolid includes lifting techniques when he performs breast reduction surgery to counteract the inevitable sagging.

How do I decide whether breast reduction is right for me?

Ultimately, having breast reduction surgery is a personal decision. While plenty of women feel social pressure to have or not have the surgery, you should only undergo breast reduction if you want it. If you are a prospective breast reduction candidate, Dr. Valladolid is happy to schedule a consultation so he can answer any questions that may help make the decision easier for you.

What risks do breast reduction patients face?

While Dr. Valladolid’s complication rate for breast reduction surgery is very low, any surgery carries some inherent risks. Following breast reduction, patients should look out for infections, excessive bleeding and fluid accumulation. Dr. Valladolid checks on his patients during their recovery period to ensure healing is progressing properly.

Will my breasts lose their sensitivity after breast reduction?

Changes in breast and nipple sensation are common after breast reduction, because some nerves are inevitably severed as part of cosmetic surgery. However, these effects are usually temporary. Fortunately, almost all patients see their normal level of breast sensitivity return within a few months.

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