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Arm Lift in Scottsdale AZ

Arm Lift in ScottsdaleIf you have recently lost a considerable amount of weight, it is likely you are enjoying the benefits of a healthier body, such as increased energy. However, weight loss often leaves behind many unflattering cosmetic concerns, such as arms with loose skin and a flabby appearance. Because of this, many individuals still find themselves unhappy with their appearance after shedding excess weight, and while exercise can result in some improvements to muscle tone and overall weight, it is not enough to produce desired cosmetic changes in many cases. Dr. Valladolid provides surgical options for reshaping the arms and providing them with a beautiful, fit contour.

About Arm Lift

An arm lift, also called brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure that eliminates loose skin and fat from the arms and reshapes the underlying tissues to create a firmer appearance. Weight loss is not the only cause of loose upper arm skin. Over time, skin quality may decline as the skin loses elasticity, resulting in a batwing appearance where the skin hangs down when the arms are raised.

Benefits of Consulting with Dr. Valladolid

Arm lift procedures require the technical skill and artistic eye of a truly experienced surgeon.  and more, making him an ideal choice for this procedure. He is passionate about creating a welcoming and understanding environment for all patients. Along with his skilled team, he is ready to help you look and feel your best.

Procedure Details

An arm lift begins with carefully placed incisions on either the inside or back of the arm. Generally, the more correction needed, the longer the incision. After, Dr. Valladolid begins to remove lax skin. Unwanted fat is also removed at this time using liposuction. The supportive tissues in the arm are reshaped and tightened using sutures before the incisions are closed.


Arm Lift in Mesa After surgery, you can expect your arms to be fitted with compression sleeves, which are designed to help manage swelling as your body heals. Dr. Valladolid will provide you with full aftercare instructions for taking care of yourself following your surgery, including:

  • Information on how to change your bandages
  • Activity restrictions
  • How to prevent complications

Arm lift patients will see changes in their arm shape right after surgery, with continued improvements throughout recovery.

Complementary Procedures

Dr. Valladolid knows that many patients with concerns about the appearance of their arms often have other areas they would like to improve. Arm lift can be combined with other procedures to deliver even more dramatic results. After major weight loss, Dr. Valladolid may recommend patients for upper body lift, which includes arm lift surgery in addition to a breast lift and a back lift, which can result in a toned appearance. You may also benefit from undergoing procedures that focus on improving the lower body, such as a thigh lift, which creates a shapely contour.

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You have done the hard work of losing unwanted pounds; now it is time to achieve your cosmetic goals with arm lift surgery in Scottsdale, Mesa, or Phoenix. Contact our office today to speak with a friendly member of our team who will be happy to help you set up your consultation with Dr. Valladolid.