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Why Women Choose Mommy Makeover for Breast and Body Concerns

Mommy makeover surgery in Mesa

Women are often the “default parent,” making sacrifices that extend far beyond pregnancy and breastfeeding. Mothers often have deflated or drooping breasts, loose skin, stretched abdominal muscles, and stubborn fat. Unfortunately, they rarely have the time to prioritize their needs and wants while managing busy schedules, increased stress, and a lack of sleep. Mommy makeover restores your pre-pregnancy body with a combination of plastic surgeries performed in a single procedure.

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Genaro Valladolid, MD, offers mommy makeover at Valladolid Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale.

Mommy Makeover Lets You Customize Your Plastic Surgery

Mommy makeover addresses your unique cosmetic concerns. While most women choose a combination of breast surgery and body contouring, such as breast augmentation or breast lift with liposuction and tummy tuck, others may have different needs. Pregnancy and the stress of motherhood may cause other changes you want to address, such as under-eye bags, loose skin in your arms and thighs, loss of buttock volume, and vaginal concerns. You may wish to add eyelid surgery, arm lift, thigh lift, Brazilian butt lift, or labiaplasty to your mommy makeover.

Mommy Makeover Addresses All Your Cosmetic Concerns at Once

If you were to have breast surgery and then body contouring or a face procedure, you’re looking at several rounds of anesthesia and a longer wait to reach your cosmetic goals. Combining these procedures for mommy makeover helps you achieve your ideal breast and body shape in one go and reduces some risks of going under general anesthesia several times.

Mommy Makeover Maximizes Your Time with a Single Recovery

Mothers have little time to themselves already, so planning for several rounds of recovery after separate procedures is more challenging than a single recovery period. Invasive plastic surgery, such as breast augmentation or tummy tuck, typically requires six to eight weeks of recovery. Though most of the healing takes place in the first few weeks, you won’t be able to lift small children for at least six weeks. One combination procedure gives you more time with your family while achieving your cosmetic goals.

Most women must plan ahead to have help at home to manage childcare and household tasks after plastic surgery, so combining your chosen procedures for mommy makeover surgery may reduce the burden on your family.

If you’re interested in mommy makeover, contact Valladolid Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, Mesa, and Phoenix, Arizona. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Valladolid by calling (480) 770-5015.

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