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Questions You’re Too Afraid to Ask about Liposuction

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“How Much Weight Can I Lose with Liposuction?”

Liposuction is not a weight-loss surgery. To lose a large amount of weight, you will need to find a doctor who offers bariatric surgery. Liposuction is suitable for patients who are close to their goal weight and have had difficulty ridding themselves of stubborn pockets of fat via diet and exercise. Most liposuction patients only lose a few pounds in total, though their contours look dramatically different.

“How Long Does Liposuction Really Last?”

While some plastic surgery procedures have a limited shelf life, that is thankfully not the case with liposuction. The contours and fat reduction achieved with liposuction can last for the rest of your life (aside from inevitable age-related changes.) Fat cells removed via surgery do not come back, so the results can be considered permanent.

“What Happens If I Put Weight Back on after Liposuction?”

You do not need to stress about the consequences of putting on a few pounds. Even with a modest fluctuation in weight, the contours achieved through liposuction should last. However, a drastic change in weight can produce unappealing results.

While the fat cells in the areas treated with liposuction are gone forever, that does not mean that you cannot gain weight at all. If you consume excess calories, you will instead store the weight in other parts of your body.

“How Soon Will I See My Results?”

Because the fat cells are suctioned out during the surgery, you are likely to notice a significant difference in your size immediately. However, you may need to be patient to see your beautiful contours. Only after the swelling has subsided will your full results be apparent.

“Should I Try a Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Procedure Instead?”

Although the recovery from a less-invasive procedure is easier, the truth is that these treatments are not nearly as effective as liposuction. Surgery remains the best solution for reducing fat and sculpting appealing body contours.

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Dr. Valladolid believes it is important to have honest and open communication with potential patients so that they may reach a decision about plastic surgery that feels right for them. If you have any additional questions you would like to ask about liposuction, please schedule a consultation at our Scottsdale, Mesa or Phoenix office by calling (480) 770-5015.

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