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Procedures to Consider after Weight Loss

Plastic surgery after weight loss in Scottsdale & Mesa

Tummy Tuck

While weight loss will get you closer to having a flatter, firmer tummy, your changing body may fall short due to lingering fat pockets and excess skin. Abdominoplasty is specifically designed to clean up the loose skin that forms around the stomach muscles while removing some unwanted fat cells. It is especially popular among women who have shed post-pregnancy weight.

Body Lift

If you have loose skin on multiple parts of the body that you would like to address all at the same time, then body lift may be the right procedure for you. The nice thing about choosing Dr. Valladolid is that he has the technique to beautify all areas of your body in a uniform manner. Body lift often includes arm lift, thigh lift and whatever other areas need attention.


Although people unfamiliar with liposuction often believe it to be weight-loss surgery, in reality it is much better suited to people who are close to their goal weight. If you have shed a lot of weight but are having trouble getting rid of the last fat deposits even with diet and exercise, liposuction can help you address these trouble areas to provide the contours you have worked for.


If you are looking to avoid surgery altogether, this less-invasive procedure uses radiofrequency energy to heat the tissue beneath your skin. As collagen production is stimulated, your skin will tighten for a smoother, more appealing appearance and texture. Renuvion works on most parts of the body with loose skin, including the face!


One of the areas where fat is most likely to cling is around the chin. If your “double” chin no longer reflects the proportions on the rest of your body, you may consider this injectable treatment aimed at permanently destroying fat cells and restoring a defined chin and neckline.

Looking to tone up your new body? Nicer contours are achievable now that you have already put in the hard work. To speak to Dr. Valladolid about any of these procedures, please contact our office for a consultation.

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