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Fat-Grafting vs. Implants: How Should You Augment Your Breasts?

Breast Augmentation Scottsdale AZ

You Don’t Like the Idea of Implants

Breast implants are made to feel as natural as possible inside your body, but they are still foreign objects in your body. If the idea of putting a saline or silicone object inside your breast feels like an undesirable concept to you, using your own fat is a way to get around that. Moreover, while breast implants have high safety standards, they do carry a small risk for complications like ruptures, BIA-ALCL or capsular contracture, all of which are problems not associated with fat grafting.

You Want a More Natural Appearance

Dr. Valladolid is proud of the natural-looking results he achieves for women with implants, but certain clues may still give away that breast implants are present: the breasts look a little too round, too elevated, not proportionate to the body or not jiggly enough. With fat grafting, your body recognizes its own fat cells so the fat moves like ordinary fat tissue.

You’d Like to Eliminate Fat from Elsewhere

One of the main reasons fat grafting is popular is that it is like two procedures in one. Not only do you get to enhance one area with extra fat, but you have the excuse to contour an area with unwanted flab — often belly or thigh fat. It feels less like “cheating” when the fat is simply being repositioned elsewhere in your own body.

Learn More about Breast Augmentation Options

Most women will still choose to augment their breasts with implants, and for good reason: it is a time-tested surgery that achieves great results. However, if the main thing that is stopping you from seeking breast augmentation is the implants themselves, you may want to discuss fat grafting with Dr. Valladolid to see if it is the approach that brings you satisfaction. To schedule a consultation, please call (480) 770-5015.

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