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Breast Reduction Patients Are Among the Happiest. Here’s Why

Breast Reduction Scottsdale

Alleviating Chronic Pain

Chronic pain and discomfort are common among women with large breasts. Heavy breasts can impact a woman’s posture and create aches in her back, shoulder and neck. In severe cases, disproportionately large breasts may even affect the curvature of a woman’s spine. With less weight on her chest, a woman should notice less pain if any lingers at all.

Improving Clothing Options

Dressing can be challenging for women with large breasts. The first obstacle is finding clothing that fits correctly. This is made even more difficult if a woman’s overall frame does not correspond with the size of her breasts. The second obstacle is that ordinary items of clothing that would look perfectly nice on a woman with an average bust size can appear provocative when worn atop larger breasts. After breast reduction, women have more freedom to shop for and wear exactly what they would like without these extra considerations.

Weight Loss Is More Attainable

While it’s true that women lose some amount of weight when breast tissue is removed from their body, the real improvement is in making movement and exercise that much easier. Many women with overly large breasts find cardio activities like jogging to be too challenging and uncomfortable to be worthwhile, even while wearing a sports bra. Once their breasts are a smaller size, physical activity becomes much easier.

Easier Sleeping

Women with large breasts can experience pain when sleeping their stomachs and may even find that sleeping their sides puts awkward pressure on the breasts. The only practical option for these women is to sleep on their backs, but this isn’t always a comfortable position. After reducing the size of their breasts, these women should feel more comfortable when rolling over in the night and in whatever position helps them fall asleep fastest.

Speak to Dr. Valladolid About Breast Reduction

If you are unhappy with the current size of your breasts and find them to be an inconvenience, breast lift is a practical way to attain breasts that are more proportional to your frame. To learn more about this surgery and its many benefits, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Valladolid by calling (480) 770-5015. He has offices in Scottsdale, Mesa and Phoenix, Arizona.

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