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Areas Where Facial Fillers Can Make a Big Difference

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Having large, pouty lips is very trendy these days, but not everyone is blessed with this trait genetically. Facial fillers are the most popular cosmetic solution for enhancing the lips. When performed by an expert, fillers can provide not only extra size, but also attractive contours.

Nasolabial Folds

The nasolabial folds are the creases that extend from the sides of the mouth to the bottom corners of the nose. Most people have some amount of indentation in this area, though the folds are likely to become more pronounced with age. By plumping up the tissue, dermal filler smooths out the skin to minimize the appearance of these folds.


Young faces are generally padded with “baby” fat, adding appealing volume and curves. With age, the fat vanishes, or droops lower on the face. The cheeks are especially prone to losing their fullness, creating a sunken or older looking appearance. With filler, cheeks achieve a youthful plumpness again.

Wrinkles on and around the Chin

Sometimes referred to as marionette lines, the fine lines that form beneath the mouth are easily treated with facial fillers. Added volume helps to smooth out the skin, which conceals the wrinkles.

Undereye Bags

When hollows develop beneath the eyes, the face looks exhausted — even if the person is not tired. Since fat distribution is frequently the culprit for these bags, adding volume can smooth out the tear troughs.


Fillers have also proven effective at adding definition to the jawline. Although adding volume to the bottom of the face may seem like a counterintuitive approach, injecting filler in this area puts clear separation between the jaw and the neck, thereby enhancing its shape.


Rhinoplasty is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States, but patients who are interested in a non-surgical treatment for imperfections on the nose may be interested in facial fillers. Carefully placed injections can help to restore symmetry to the nose, smooth out a bump on the bridge and change the projection or size of the nasal tip.

See What Fillers Can Do for You

As his patients can attest, Dr. Genaro Valladolid is a trusted provider of facial fillers. He has a nuanced understanding of which fillers are appropriate for which areas (and how much filler is necessary) to achieve the desired results. Call Valladolid Plastic Surgery at (480) 770-5015 today to schedule a consultation.

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