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Facial Reconstruction

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Facial Reconstruction in Scottsdale, AZ

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Facial Reconstruction in Scottsdale

Facial fractures, genetic malformations, illnesses and other types of facial trauma can affect more than just a person’s appearance. Depending on the nature of the problem, it may also affect the way someone eats, speaks, smiles or simply blinks.

Facial reconstruction surgery is designed not only to restore a normal appearance but also to improve function for overall health and well-being. The techniques, technology and materials used in reconstructive surgery have advanced considerably in the past few decades and for this reason, results have improved too.

Scottsdale and Mesa Facial Reconstruction Expert

Procedures that reshape or rebuild the facial features require a combination of training, skill and expertise. Dr. Genaro Valladolid has extensive expertise in facial reconstruction and stays up to date with all of the latest advances in technique and technology. He is focused on patients’ health and well-being and goes to great lengths to make the entire surgical experience as smooth as possible. As a compassionate practitioner, Dr. Valladolid understands that the thought of facial reconstruction surgery can bring up some concerns and even fears — he always makes himself available to answer questions whenever needed.

Reconstructive Procedures

Common facial reconstructive procedures include the following:

Facial trauma treatment

Facial reconstruction can correct fractures or lacerations caused by motor vehicle accidents, domestic violence, animal bites, sports accidents or other types of trauma. Depending on the nature of the problem, treatment may involve rebuilding or reshaping the jawbone, cheekbones, eye sockets or other areas of the face.

Facial paralysis treatment

Various methods can be used to restore facial animation and improve the symmetry of the facial features. In some cases where the paralysis affects the ability to completely close the eyelids, small weights can be placed in the upper eyelids to help the eyes close fully.

Facial Reconstruction in Mesa, AZ

Ear surgery

Some children are born with abnormally shaped or sized ears or a missing ear (clinically known as microtia). Depending on the specific case, surgery may involve removing or adding cartilage and skin to achieve a more desirable ear appearance. Sometimes partial or complete ear reconstruction is performed in adults that suffered severe trauma to the ear (e.g., ear amputation).

Earlobe deformities like earlobe splitting from long-term use of earrings or large holes due to gauging can be repaired with surgery under local anesthesia.

Skin cancer reconstruction

Skin grafts or flaps can be used to repair facial defects caused by cancer. In cases of large facial cancers, tissue flaps are sometimes needed to restore skin, muscle and/or bone to the affected area.

Depending on the case, reconstructive surgery may be performed in a single procedure or staged out into separate procedures over time.

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If you or a loved one is in need of a talented, experienced facial reconstruction surgeon, look no further than Dr. Valladolid. The extensively trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon has helped countless people reclaim normal appearance and function after traumatic accidents, illnesses or other traumas.

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